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"Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves even when we risk disappointing others." – Brené Brown











"When you don’t have the skills to set boundaries or hold boundaries you have created for yourself and your life, it can cause tremendous pain, frustration, anger, and resentment"

From The Desk Of Jillian Christy

Being in the position of consistently giving in and giving up your boundaries to please others, leads to feelings of resentment.

The boundaries game is something we all play with at some point in our life.  You may have grown up in a family setting where you learned about healthy boundaries and your parents not only demonstrated it, they taught you how to set those boundaries for yourself.  However, for many people, this is not the case.


Are you a people-pleaser, avoider, approval seeker or energy sucker?  


You live in a society of fixers, who believe in keeping the status quo, or making peace or repairing someone who is believed to be broken in some way. 



How often in your own life do you back down from a bully, or compromise yourself just to keep the peace or settle a fight, change your plans to avoid confrontation with someone who intimidates you? What is sad is you have come to believe that this is normal because of the society you live within. I assure you this is not the case and you don’t have to merely exist this way.


As a child you may have been taught to play nice, share with others and get along with everyone. While this creates seemingly innocent values, you take this to an extreme where suddenly you’re constantly giving and giving until you have nothing left to give! You find yourself avoiding an argument to keep the peace with someone who is constantly rude and nasty to you. 


This is not self-preservation, this is self-destruction, it happens ever so slowly until your physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual states break down turning dis-ease into disease like high blood pressure, digestive issues, psychological issues, and even cancer.


When you lack skills to set or hold boundaries you create for yourself and your life, it leads to tremendous pain, frustration, anger, and resentment. This continual cascade of resentment, over settling and lowering boundaries results in low self-esteem and a sense of powerlessness. Difficult and uncomfortable situations develop when you are used to being the one who comes into rescue and fix situations and people


Are you finally ready to stop being the giver, the fixer and the peacekeeper?

If you are shouting “YES”, then you are ready for this course, where I will show you 

  1. How to determine where you are at right now, 

  2. How you are currently dealing with boundaries in your life

  3. How to fully step into an empowered life where you are no longer in the status of the victim, people pleaser, and doormat.

The 8 Empowerment Pillars that will shift you from feeling exhausted, defeated and energetically drained, to empowered, energized and confident in 90 Days

1. Discover Your Limitations

Evaluate your current limitations in the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual areas of your life.


2. Connect With Your Feelings

The lack of boundaries in your life may be eliciting key negative emotions within your body. Learn to fully connect with your feelings.

3. Create Clear Communication

Effective communication skills are fundamental to success in many areas of our lives. You will learn the art of communication.


4. Power Of No


You have the “right” to say NO. “No” a small word which packs a lot of power. Learn how to effectively say "NO".


5. Being A 'Yes'


Learn why the power of saying yes to your life will broaden your horizons. Be able to say "YES" only when you really want to.


6. Internal Accountability

This is where I guide you based on my own personal experience and life through your stories to create big shifts to shortcut your growth.

7. Beauty In Balance

When you have a lack of boundaries in your life, it will dictate where and how much of your life is out of balance. Let me help you create balance in your life.

8. Self Care Sessions

Create a stronger, more confident version of yourself through self-care routines that promote the desire for boundaries in your life.


Let me show you how to integrate boundaries into your life so that you can start saying “no” and begin saying YES to a life you love!

I work with women who are ready to create confidence through the beauty of boundaries and are prepared to invest in themselves. Your empowered results will come from us diving deep into what is really going on so we can create powerful change in your personal and professional life. Learning to draw your line in the sand will bring forth the best version of you. Please note this is not meant to be an easy process but is hugely rewarding.


The Boundaries Babe

My mission is to help women give themselves permission to reclaim their life moving from one they merely exist in to one they can't wait to wake up to!

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